Thrive Massager (G-5)

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Superior performance, unmatched design, and excellent quality. The product provides deep massage for your whole body. This vibrating body massager features 4 changeable massage attachments that produce different massage effects at different speed settings to give your client an unmatched experience.

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Thrive body massager uses the unique vibrating technology to invigorate the blood flow and ease the tension in the muscles of the body, thus creating a sense of ease and comfort. The vibrating massager can also be used to reduce inflammation and pain in a given area too. The product can be effectively used to reduce weight and improve stamina. It promotes blood circulation and softens cellulite. With 4 unique massage attachments each targeting different strain prone areas, the massager delivers a customized massage experience. The massager is suitable for usage on waist, neck, shoulder, arm, hips, thighs, buttocks, calf and feet. The intensity and frequency of the massager can be adjusted. Buy this essential salon furniture for your salon or spa for a deep and relaxing experience.

Benefits of Using Thrive Massager (G-5)

  • Vibrating massage promotes blood circulation
  • A deep, relaxing and invigorating massage experience
  • 4 attachments for different massage effects
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Plugin the Thrive body massager to the electric socket. Select the type of massage attachment as per your need to stimulate the points in the body or foot. Set the intensity and the frequency as needed. Enjoy a relaxing massage with a 4-in-1 massager.