Thrive Massager (G-5)

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Superior performance, unmatched design, and excellent quality. The product provides deep massage for your whole body. This vibrating body massager features 4 changeable massage attachments that produce different massage effects at different speed settings to give your client an unmatched experience.

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Thrive – Manufacturer of High-Quality Massagers and Hair Clippers since over 80 years.

Thrive 717W Massagers has 2 Massage Speed, 4 Exchangeable Attachments, Can be used with or without heat and a very powerful motor.

717W Powerful Handy Massager can be used on varying parts of the body such as –

  • Chest Massager
  • Shoulder Massager
  • Neck Massager
  • Back Massager
  • Abdomen Massager
  • Tummy Tucks
  • Legs Massager
  • Arms Massager
  • Feet Massager



Benefits of Using Thrive Massager (G-5)

  • Strong and Irregular Body Massaging function with electric heating function
  • Provide massage in large range of body areas due to large surface
  • Draining Effect on the body through heat
  • Pain Relief and Metabolism increase through Heat Function
  • Light Weight and Easy Handling
  • 2 Massage Speeds and can be used with or without heating function
  • 4 Exchangable Massage Attachments
  • Made in Japan
  • Weight 1.1 Kg
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Plugin the Thrive body massager to the electric socket. Select the type of massage attachment as per your need to stimulate the points in the body or foot. Set the intensity and the frequency as needed. Enjoy a relaxing massage with a 4-in-1 massager.