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This medically approved body composition monitor is light and highly portable yet has all the features for all age ranges with a 200kg weight capacity. Weighing less than 4.7 kg, the large platform scale instantly calculates body fat, body water and BMI with clinically proven accuracy. Offering in-depth individual analysis of body composition provides a clearer picture than BMI alone. It highlights specific fat loss which is known to be more beneficial than weight loss alone. Calibrated up to 300,000 uses, the monitor also has a USB port allowing the bca data to be easily transferred to a computer. Additional features include - * Lightweight, high capacity scale and body composition monitor * Instantly calculates body fat %, body water % and bmi * Ideal for paediatric and adult patients: age range 5–99 years * Clinically proven accuracy with supporting validation * Highly portable monitor, weighing only 4.7kg * Large, low-profile platform suitable for overweight or elderly patients



Bullet Point:

  • This equipment can be used in the screening of certain adult diseases and conditions related to body weight and composition.
  • It can be used in the monitoring and prevention of conditions caused by excessive deposits of fat tissue such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, cholelithiasis and fatty liver.
  • It can be used in the monitoring of changes in individuals‘ body composition related to differences in the ratio of fat tissue to lean.
  • It can be used to assess the effectiveness of individuals‘ nutrition and exercise programmers, both for health and physical fitness
  • This product is simple to use, and requires no specialized facilities or expertise to take measurements. Measurements can be taken quickly and easily, causing minimal inconvenience to the patient during measurements.
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Use the device under the same conditions and in the same position as much as possible to track changes.

Avoid measuring in locations of greatly differing temperature

Always hold both arms straight down when taking measurements to prevent measurement errors such as undermeasurement of body fat

Bare feet should be placed correctly on the electrode platform. Place arms straight down during measurement

Use in a stable location.