Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleaner And Dryer

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StylPro is a revolutionary device proven to clean and dry makeup brushes in seconds. It uses centrifugal spin technology so that brushes are literally clean and dry and ready to re-use immediately.No more messy basins or waiting hours for brushes to dry.
Cleans & Dries makeup brushes within 30 seconds"

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1. Choose a suitable collar for your brush from the 8 collars provided. 2. Connect it to the spinning device. 3. Pour the cleansing liquid in the bowl. 4. Dip the dirty makeup brush bristles in the liquid and repeat the dipping 5 times. 5. Turn on the spinner and let the bristles spin inside the liquid for 10 seconds. 6. Slightly lift the brush along with the attached spinning device and let it spin dry for another 10 seconds."