Rica White Chocolate Wax

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For individuals interested in hair removal wax online, this product from Rica is certainly worth considering. The best thing about this product is the inclusion of vegetable oil that helps revitalize skin besides reenergizing the stressed surfaces.

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The Rica White Chocolate Wax is a great skincare product that makes it easier for individuals to remove residual skin hairs with seamless ease. This product supports painless hair removal and boasts of thick, creamier consistency. Moreover, adequate quantities of vegetable oil are also added into the mix which in turn makes way for excellent moisturizing capabilities. Moreover, skin nourishment is guaranteed as this product features the well-known Theobroma Cocoa butter.

Besides being extremely functional and potent, this hair wax dries up almost instantly which makes it a great bet for smaller and coarser hair follicles.

Benefits of Using Rica White Chocolate Wax

  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick-dry formula
  • Doesn’t include harmful compounds
  • Fit for prolonged usage
  • For Body Use Only, not recommended for Face, Under Arms and Bikini Areas.
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  1. Heat the wax till the desired consistency is achieved
  2. Apply the same and allow it to sit for a while
  3. Remove the wax using cotton buds and that too in quicker motions