Rica White Chocolate Hard Wax Beads - 800 GM

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• Non-Strip Wax Formula • Paraben-Free • No Intimate Waxing • Not tested on animals • For Facial Waxing • Fast Setting Time • Good for Menopausal Skin

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"Rica White Chocolate Beads Wax is a strip-less wax for even the most sensitive skin. It contains White Cacao that provides nourishment and anti-oxidant action that is extremely soft on the skin. Rica Beads Wax are Soft, Gentle but Strong and Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Rica Hard Wax Beads is a non-strip wax formula, ideal for Sensitive skin such as Face, Underarms and Bikini area. It is usable in thin layers compared to traditional hard wax and works at low temperatures. The wax hardens after application once its cooled thus allowing easy removal by the therapist, with fingers. No cloth or paper is required.

RICA Wax range guarantees a superior hair removal without irritation and allergens. Rica Wax is gentle to the skin, thanks to the natural Patented Formula that contains Glyceryl Rosinate, Vegetable Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Natural Beeswax, Zinc Oxide. All Rica products are Made in Italy.

All Rica products are made with a natural formula, gentle and nourishing to the skin, with superior hair-gripping strength.
RICA has a Patented Formula that is free from all petroleum derivatives."


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1. Clean up your hands by rubbing together with a small amount of hand sanitizer gel.1. Clean up your hands by rubbing together with a small amount of hand sanitizer gel.

2. Simply measure the beads you’ll need to perform your wax, put them in the pot (it usually comes with the wax heater).

3. Put the jar into the heater and turn the temperature control to the maximum for around twenty minutes.

4. Occasionally stir the wax with the spatula, to check the proper consistency for application (somewhere between thick and runny).

  • Wax dripping off applicator – wax is too hot.
  • Difficulty to stir – wax is too cold.
  • If consistency resembles honey, you have to perfect temperature, Turn the heater to a maximum temperature setting (60-70 C).

5. Before waxing, clean the area to be waxed with cotton milk pre-wax gel to ensure removal of any trace of sweet, body lotion or greasiness.

6. Take with the spatula, small amount of wax and test wax temperature on the internal part of your wrist.

7. Spread a thin oval shape layer of RICA hard wax approximately 3 cm wide by 8 cm long (for a large area) in the direction of hair growth. Leave a thicker ‘tab’ at the end which you will use to make it easier to pull the wax, Note the quantity of RICA wax needed is significantly less than the one of the other brands.

8. Wait a few seconds until the wax no longer sticks to fingertips. Please do not allow it to set hard. It must be flexible like plasticine.

9. Gently lift one and from the cooled wax, using a wooden spatula or a finger, hold the skin tight and pull the wax off with one quick motion, parallel to the surface of the skin and in the opposite direction of hair growth (never use strips or pull the wax off in a vertical direction).

10. Remove any residual wax with RICA Post Epil lotions or emulsions.

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