Rica Titanium Wax

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The Rica Titanium Wax boasts of extremely competent results courtesy of creamier product consistency, soothing abilities, and a colophony free chemical formula. In addition to that, this product is priced nominally and can be easily availed by someone looking to buy hair wax online.

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If you are interested in Rica wax, buy online and certainly consider the Rica Titanium Wax for an exceptional set of ingredients. Firstly, this product contains titanium dioxide that makes waxing and epilation easier than ever. Moreover, a potent mix of vegetable oil is also featured which helps moisturize the waxed skin surface. In addition to that, Beeswax also makes an appearance which in a way guarantees skin protection and nourishment. The inclusion of zinc oxide further smoothens out the epilation process while making it easier for the body to absorb the minerals. Last but not least, this product is a great choice for normal skin texture and can be used regardless of the skin type.

Benefits of Using Rica Titanium Wax

  • Includes zinc oxide, beeswax, and glyceryl rosinate as the active ingredients
  • Creamier consistency
  • Painless depilation
  • Fit for prolonged usage
  • Perfect fit for coarser and shorter hairs
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  1. Melt and apply the existing wax onto the desired areas
  2. Allow it to stand for a while and remove the same using cotton