Rica Rose After Wax Lotion

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The Rica Rose after Wax Lotion should be purchased after the individual has selected the best hair removal wax online or even from credible offline stores. What stands out is the moisturizing property on display followed by the compatibility with diverse skin types.

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The Rica Rose after Wax Lotion is the most competent Rice wax online that includes adequate quantities of vegetable oil followed by precise proportions of titanium dioxide. While the former renders moisturizing properties to the skin surface, the latter helps minimize the waxing hassles; thereby keeping the pain to a minimum. Most importantly, this product is actually great for diverse skin types and fits in perfectly in case of sensitive skin surfaces as well. Moreover, the concerned product is also colophony free which makes it suitable for long term usage. Last but not least, the existing ingredients are enough when it comes to rendering a shimmering effect on the concerned skin surfaces.

Benefits of Using Rica Rose After Wax Lotion

  • Minimizes skin  redness
  • Protects skin from irritations
  • Comes with an aromatic essence
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  1. Select the concerned region  that has recently been waxed
  2. Spray adequate quantities of this lotion and rub the same with cotton rubs
  3. The lotion needs to be massaged gently for showing the best possible results

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