Rica Menthol After Wax Lotion

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The Rica Menthol After Wax Lotion removes any kind of residual wax with ease. While the product is priced nominally, the standout points include the availability of menthol extracts which keep the normal redness to a minimum, even after prolonged periods of waxing.

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If you have made plans to purchase Rica wax, buy online and definitely add the Rica Menthol After Wax Lotion into the mix courtesy of the refreshing and cooling after effects. Most importantly, this is one oily and lenitive product that is precisely manufactured for the drier skin surfaces. Once the depilation process is initiated, this lotion comes to the rescue of the individuals, precisely by cooling and calming the stressed skin surface. Last but not least, the inclusion of menthol is a great virtue and if you are looking to buy hair wax from select online and offline stores, it is definitely advisable to pair the same with the Rica Menthol After Wax Lotion.

Benefits of Using Rica Menthol After Wax Lotion

  • Refreshes the waxed skin surface
  • Ideal for regular skin types but preferred for drier surfaces
  • Contains methanol for added calmness
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  1. Wait for the waxing process to conclude and immediately apply this lotion by spraying the same onto the affected areas
  2. Wipe off the same after a while and experience a sense of calmness like never before