Rica Honey Wax

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The Rica Honey Wax is meant for individuals who want to buy wax online but not without looking at the reviews. The product is absolutely top-notch and wins over any competitor courtesy of the colophony free formula and beeswax inclusion.

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The Rica Honey Wax is the most sought after Rica wax online that offers skin smoothening properties in addition to the hair removal feature. What stands out is the perfect mix of vegetable oil and beeswax which make sure that skin irritations after waxing are kept to a minimum. Moreover, the easy-grip on display makes it a painless hair removal solution for individuals. Apart from that, the honey-infused consistency is worth looking at and makes way for a quick-drying formula. Lastly, the standout feature is its compatibility with sensitive skin surfaces.

Benefits of Using Rica Honey Wax

  • Doesn’t include artificial colors and fragrance
  • Thick consistency that ensures painless removal
  • Colophony free chemical formula
  • Contains adequate amounts of vegetable oil and beeswax
  • Renders moisturizing properties as well
  • Also includes argan oil extracts and almond oil
  • For Body Use Only, not recommended for Face, Under Arms and Bikini Areas
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  1. Remove the lid and replace the same
  2. Heat the wax till it softens a fair bit
  3. Apply the same to the surface and allow it to harden
  4. Remove the same in quick motions with cotton rubs