Rica Golden Wax

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The Rica Golden Wax is a great product that doesn’t only remove the residual hair strands but also renders a sense of protection to the surfaces, precisely from allergies and irritation. What stands out is the skin glow that is offered by this extremely innovative product.

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The Rica Golden Wax is a great way to safeguard the skin from a different form of allergies which usually shows up after the epilation. Firstly, prolonged usage of this product is completely safe and renders a specific glow to the concerned surface. Most importantly, the best thing about this product is its compatibility with different skin surfaces, including mixed, dry, and even oily skin types. Lastly, this is one liposoluble waxing product that contains ample quantities of vegetable oil which adds adequate levels of moisture to the concerned region.

Benefits of Using Rica Golden Wax

  • Sticks onto the surface and hardens quickly
  • Efficient skin removal option
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin surfaces with ease
  • Feels great and renders a rejuvenating effect
  • For Body Use Only, not recommended for Face, Under Arms and Bikini Areas.
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  1. Apply the molten wax onto the concerned surface
  2. Let the wax set in for a while and then remove the same in quick motions
  3. Wipe the surface clean and experience a radiant glow like never before