Rica Banana Wax

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The Rica Banana Wax is a great innovation that is precisely meant for the dry skin surfaces. Moreover, the epilation properties of this hair wax for women are exemplary. What steals the show is the scented formula that leaves a softening feel and a long-lasting impression on the user.

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While there are quite a few ladies hair removers in the market, the Rica Banana Wax is the one that packs a punch courtesy of the non-irritating properties and the colophony free formula on display. Moreover, the banana scented formula feels charming as well. However, it is important to understand that this wax is precisely manufactured for dry skin surfaces. Most importantly, the hair removal properties associated with the same are exceptional in nature and the process takes virtually no time whatsoever.

Benefits of Using Rica Banana Wax

  • Comes with an appealing scent
  • The yellow tone on display is eye-pleasing
  • Hydrates and moisturizes the concerned surfaces with ease
  • Quickest hair removal option in the market
  • For Body Use Only, not recommended for Face, Under Arms and Bikini Areas.
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  1. Take off the plastic lid and place the can on a thermostat for allowing the wax to melt
  2. Stir the same and apply the fluidic mix onto the affected regions
  3. Clean the area with cotton and apply a potent after wax lotion to hydrate the area

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