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  • Casmara Individual Reaffirming Mask-2020


Casmara Individual Reaffirming Mask-2020

Rs. 370.00

Product Code: A06139

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Casmara Cosmetics is a Spanish Company, located in the city of Valencia, Spain having an experience of more than 35 years.

Description- Mask especially indicated for mixed and oily skins, with dilated pores or acne. Unisex formula for all ages, at any time of the year. 
How to use-

Step 1- Mix the ratio of gel and powder into a suitable bowl.
Step 2- Using a spatula, stir both product together briskly for about 30 seconds, forming a smooth paste.
Step 3- With the same spatula apply and extend the mask on the face within 4 minutes,
before it starts to set. It is safe to cover eyes and lips.
Step 4 -Leave the mask on to act for 15 to 20 minutes.
Step 5 -Remove the mask in one piece.

Benefits- Detoxifying, purifying and hydrating.
Ingredients- Diatomaceous Earth: absorbs impurities, oil and waste sub-stances set free by cellular functioning.
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