Olivia Garden ProThermal 2 1/4"- T53

Product Code: T53 Product Brand: OLIVIA GARDEN

Used for blow-drying and creating volume and movement in the hair, suitable for all hair types. Ceramic ion barrel eliminates frizz, reduces static, adds style and shine and makes it healthier.

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Olivia Garden, Belgium’s leading professional salon company has a collection of high-quality, innovative and professional salon tools that have revolutionized the salon industry. Having 55 patents to its credit, Olivia Garden enjoys an enviable market position. Their latest offering is the Prothermal hair brush which is a wide round hairbrush used for blow-drying, styling and creating volume in the hair. Its unique ceramic ion technology reduces frizz, locks in the moisture and makes the hair healthier. The soft rounded bristles are easy and comfortable on the scalp. Large vents allow air to flow freely and retain the heat longer. Soft, ergonomic handle gives you stress-free styling.

Benefits of Using Olivia Garden ProThermal

  • Used on all hair types, hair lengths, and extensions
  • Anti-static, heat resistant
  • Extremely lightweight prevents wrist fatigue
  • Snag-free seamless handle
  • Large vents boost ventilation
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