Olivia Garden Multibrush Kit- 710-MBKT01

Product Code: 710-MBKT01 Product Brand: OLIVIA GARDEN

The Olivia Garden Multibrush Kit is a complete grooming kit that helps save a lot of money people usually spend on individual items. Moreover, this comes across as a functional styling brush that is convenient to carry along.

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If you are interested in purchasing hair brush online, the Olivia Garden Multibrush Kit is the perfect choice courtesy of the patented locking system and quick release mechanism. Besides being technologically equipped, this kit also features a ceramic-coated exterior that is responsible for quick heating and storage. Most importantly, better styling is possible due to extremely high build quality and the existence of the ion charged brush-centric bristles that add shine to the locks besides eliminating any kind of frizz. Last but not least, the hair comb on display also flaunts a detachable handle which is ergonomic in nature.

Benefits of Using Olivia Garden Multibrush Kit

  • Easy to use and carry
  • Features lighter barrel layout
  • Boosts ventilation that speeds up hair drying
  • Faster styling courtesy of the ceramic coated barrel
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  1. Fix the barrels on the basis of hair texture and requirements
  2. Switch on the multi brush and let it heat up for a while
  3. Disconnect the same and blow-dry the hair for better styling