Olivia Garden ECO Paddle Brush

Product Code: EHPDL Product Brand: OLIVIA GARDEN

The round hairbrush specially handcrafted from natural bamboo preserves, 100% eco-friendly, durable and lighter.

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Belgium’s leader in the beauty accessories category, Olivia Garden offers premium quality products with a wide range of innovative and affordable hair care tools. The most innovative Eco paddle brush is a special handcrafted brush made from bamboo preserves from hardwood forests. It is eco-friendly as its made from 100% natural earthy materials that do not pollute the ecology. The round hairbrush features a ceramic coated barrel that heats up faster and retains heat longer giving you a faster, better and gentle styling. The ion charged bristles hydrate the cuticle and add shine. The bamboo handle is ergonomically designed and is lightweight which makes it easy to rotate and reduces hand fatigue. Buy this hairbrush online for a superior long-lasting hairstyle.

Benefits of Using Olivia Garden ECO Paddle Brush

  • Made from 100% natural bamboo preserves
  • Ceramic coated barrel for faster drying
  • Ion charged bristles to make hair shinier
  • Easy-to-rotate and lightweight handle
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Section your wet or dry hair and gently glide the paddle hairbrush in a pulling motion from the roots to the tips in long strokes. The paddle brush can be used to detangle your knots.