Olivia Garden Divine Dry Detangler-DV-3

Product Code: DV-3 Product Brand: OLIVIA GARDEN

Olivia garden divine detangler is specially designed with an ergonomic shape which provides easy grip on hand and relieves your wrist from pain. Rubberized finish and superior styling results.

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It is unique in its design with an ergonomic shape that fits snugly in the palm of your hands and reduces stress on the wrist. Works well for all hair types providing easy detangling and smoothening of hair. It’s quite gentle on the scalp and the circular bristles of scattered length give you the advantage of the massage and great styling. The carefully designed bristles help banish tangles and knots without pulling, tugging or causing additional stress for your dry hair. It doesn’t break hair and leaves a nice luster. Its dimensions and weight are so compatible that it’s convenient for daily use. Buy the comb online, and enjoy this highly recommendable and best-selling products of Olivia's garden.

Benefits of Using Olivia Garden Divine Dry Detangler

  • It provides a gentle massage to the scalp to improve circulation, hair health, and shine.
  • It tames frizzy hair and detangles with ease. 
  • It’s ideal for dry, colored or damaged hair
  • It minimizes hair breakage and cuticle damage while adding shine.
  • It’s budget-friendly
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