Olivia Garden Detangler Medium-Thick - Pink Brush

Product Code: OGD-M03 Product Brand: OLIVIA GARDEN

This round hairbrush is best at removing tangles and knots. It gently glides through wet or dry hair separating the knotted hair without pulling or snagging.

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Olivia Garden is Belgium’s largest beauty accessories company that provides a wide range of professionally designed hair care tools. It has a large global market share and its products are preferred and recommended by professional salons across the globe. Olivia garden’s pink detangler for medium to thick hair is the perfect solution for easy, pain-free detangling. This round hairbrush has boar bristles that glide easily through your wet and dry hair and retains the natural moisture and oil. The soft cushion and ball-point tips bristles follow the contour of your head and gently grooms your mane. The ergonomic handle provides a firm grip over the brush and aids in styling the hair with precision. Buy this hairbrush online and bring yourself closer to a pleasant hair brushing routine.

Benefits of Using Olivia Garden Detangler Medium-Thick - Pink Brush

  • Easily detangles wet and dry hair
  • Pain-free, stress-free, saves you time
  • Gentle on scalp
  • MInimises breakage, adds shine
  • Unique bristles retain the natural oil and moisture
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Section your wet or dry hair and gently glide the hairbrush in a pulling motion from the roots to the tips in long strokes. Experience pain-free and quick detangling with superior results. For cleaning, squeeze the side of the cushion and lift. Clean behind the cushion quickly and easily.