Olivia Garden Detangler Fine-Medium - Pink Brush

Product Code: OGD-F03 Product Brand: OLIVIA GARDEN

The pink detangler has a revolutionary ergonomic design that features superior styling results and reduces hand and wrist fatigue. Its unique curved handle fits snugly in the palm.

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Olivia Garden is a Belgium-based cosmetics brand having 55 patents and an enviable market share making it the most prestigious beauty brands in the haircare industry. Olivia Garden’s latest offering is the pink detangler hairbrush that comes with a unique blend of boar and nylon bristles for pain-free, fuss-free detangling. This highly innovative tool has custom bristles for gentle detangling of wet and dry hair.  It minimizes hair breakage and cuticle damage while adding shine. The comfortable cushion and ballpoint tips make it the best hairbrush in the market. It uses superior design and ergonomic motion to provide a relaxing brushing experience. Buy hairbrush online to give your hair the attention it needs.

Benefits of Using Olivia Garden Detangler Fine-Medium - Pink Brush 

  • The perfect detangling brush for medium to thick hair with patented scalp hugging shape to massage while detangling.
  • Its removable cushion lets you keep your brush completely clean, even behind the cushion!
  • Comfortable ball points are easy on the hair and scalp
  • For Easy Pain Free Detangling without damaging the hair
  • Used to detangle wet or dry hair
  • Olivia Garden (USA) is the biggest Hair Brush brand in the world
  • Available in 4 attractive colour combinations!
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Divide your wet or dry hair into sections, gently glide your brush through your hair in long strokes from roots to ends to detangle the knots with ease and painlessly. A brush your hair will love!

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