Olivia Garden C+I XL PRO Large -CIXL-PROL

Product Code: CIXL-PROL Product Brand: OLIVIA GARDEN

Olivia Garden C+I XL PRO Large- CIXL-PROL is a cushioned paddle hair brush. This hair brush is ideal for taming unmanageable hair. The comfortable ball point tips make the brushing both damp or dry hair easy.

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Olivia Garden C+I XL PRO Large is the best paddle brush online that is of superior quality. It is designed to provide static-free hair. The tips have ion-charged bristles to make hair frizz free. The cushioned ball tips are great for smooth brushing of hair, reducing frizz. It adds luster and sheen to the hair and makes it smooth with few strokes. The brush handle has ergonomic grip with snag-free neck ring. The brush is gentle on hair and scalp. It is perfect for blow drying as it allows maximum airflow.


It has cushioned paddle features with ion-charged particles to reduce frizz and give smooth detangled hair. Adds luster and sheen to the hair. Maximises airflow, assisting in blow drying. It is gentle on hair and scalp. Suitable for all hair types. It can be used in both damp and dry hair.

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You can use it on wet, dry or damp hair. Use it while blow drying to make the air flow properly and maximise the drying effect. Section your hair and brush from root till end allowing the anti-static effect to spread. Gentle work with the brush.