Ola Candy Solace Foot Spa-OLC-FS01

Product Code: OLC-FS01 Product Brand: OLA CANDY

Automatic heater: This foot massager adopts the latest heating element. The soothing heater automatically switches off and on to maintain a certain temperature thereby keeping the water warm all the time when in use.

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Our feet do a lot of work and bear the weight of our entire body. Ola candy’s Solace foot spa pedicure machine is one of the must-have foot care products. This foot spa machine comes with massage rollers that provide a vibrating massage that refreshes and soothes the foot muscles. The infrared function relaxes and improves blood circulation and reduces fatigue. The speed of the foot massager gets adjusted with the press of your foot. Soothing heat maintains the warm water temperature. With this innovative foot spa massager, you can rest, relax and enjoy yourself anywhere and anytime.

Benefits of Using Ola Candy Solace Foot Spa

  • multi-functional, safe and reliable
  • Advanced foot spa machine with heat and rollers
  • Lightweight, easy portability handle
  • Removes dead skin and callus, easy to use
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Fill the spa tub with the desired quantity of water, turn on the heating, set at the desired temperature. Soak the feet for 15-20 min. Add some herbs or essential oils. Get a pampering vibrating massage at the confines of your home.