Naturica Detoxifying Comfort shampoo

Product Code: NANSN1 Product Brand: Naturica
  • A pH neutral shampoo for frequent use. Scalp revitalizer and hair detoxifier for all hair types.
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Scalp revitalizer and hair detoxifier all hair types. A pH neutral shampoo for frequent use. Extracts of Capparis Spinosa, and Mint and Rosemary essential oils work together to soothe, protect, and refresh sensitive scalps, giving instant relief. The wide but essential range of shampoos extraordinarily designed to satisfy all hair and scalp needs. The natural Mediterranean ingredients and the sustainable packaging make Naturita the best choice in order to take care of the hair respecting the environmental. Main Ingredients:  Extracts of Capparis Spinosa  Mint  Rosemary essential oils
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Apply small amount to wet hair. Lather then rinse thoroughly.