Mr.Barber Professional Razor Blade - MB-RZB

Product Code: MB-RZB Product Brand: MR. BARBER

Japanese blades: The hair styling product is made from superior quality metal made in Japan. Ideal for barbers and hairdressers: Well balanced sliding style gives a clean finish to the hair cut.

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Mr. Barber, the largest beauty accessories company has an exclusive range of hair care and beauty products. The company provides a wide range of innovative and affordable beauty accessory tools to Indian consumers. Mr. Barber’s professional razor comes with a powerful blade for a smooth, sharp and comfortable finished look. It features Japanese blades made from high quality. A razor that goes on and on. The blade retains its sharpness and smoothness even after repeated use. This lightweight razor is widely preferred by hairdressers globally.

Benefits of Using Mr.Barber Professional Razor Blade

  • Superior quality blade
  • Pouch for protection
  • Lightweight
  • Longlasting
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Wash your face or the area you want to shave with warm water to soften the follicles and for the pores to open up for a closer shave. Apply shaving cream or any other lubricant liberally over your wet face. Never let the razor come in contact with your skin without cream as it may cut the skin deep. Hold the razor at about 30 degrees angle against the skin and shave in the right direction.