Mr.Barber Croc Clips-MB-CL02

Product Code: MB-CL02 Product Brand: MR. BARBER

Mr.Barber Croc Clips can resist heat and offers durable performance. It gives a firm hold and can be suitable for holding the right amount of hair. Designed for a perfect professional and personal use.

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Mr.Barber Croc Clips-MB-CL02 is a lightweight, finely structured clip that gives you the best grip while you perform a hair cut. Made with durable materials, the clip is a blend of carbon which is good for several reasons. Firstly, it will take care of the heat that may otherwise cause damage. Secondly, it will hold the hair firmly without creating pressure or damaging it. Last but not least, it is perfect for professional use be it hair cutting, styling or colouring. Besides, Mr. Barber Croc Clips-MB-CL02 comes with a superb design that would add a standard appeal for your salon kit. The front has a broad end so that it does not feel harsh on your scalp. Go for this anti-slippery hair styling tool that can hold a good volume of hair without creating tangles.


  • Offers a long-lasting usage without any issue
  • Has a unique design with zig-zag teeth that can provide excellent grip
  • Lightweight and non-slippery body
  • Soft spring for a smooth clutch
  • Comes with a broad front to avoid hurting the scalp
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