Mr.Barber Carbon Comb-MB-CO06

Product Code: MB-CO06 Product Brand: MR. BARBER

This hair comb is efficient and boasts of the following path-breaking features, including but not limited to competent and light-weighted Body that’s made up of Carbon Fiber. The comb is anti-static hair to save you from the troubles of static hair.

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Hair combs are extremely utilitarian entities, and it is always advisable to keep one handy for that occasional bit of grooming. As mentioned previously, these combs are completely anti-static and have a chassis that works across diverse surfaces. Most importantly, the rounded tips are excellent allies and can come in handy towards creating that near-perfect comb. Most importantly, this is one of the most durable combs in the market despite being extremely light-weighted. 

The most important product details include:

  1. Unisex comb with a discrete section for different hair layers
  2. A perfect option for cutting, lifting, detangling, and styling
  3. Uses high-grade polymer for added functionality


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The comb is extremely easy to use and can be carried along in the pocket, sans any significant issue. The seamless teeth associated with this hair comb makes the cutting and fly-away hair worries. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a hair comb online, it is advisable to go for the Mr. Barber Carbon Comb MB Co06.

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