Mr.Barber Carbon Comb-MB-CO03

Product Code: MB-CO03 Product Brand: MR. BARBER

Mr. Barber’s Carbon Comb is suitable for amateur as well as professional hairstylists. It is mainly used for blending, clipper over comb, tapering and flat-top cutting techniques.

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  • Barber’s Carbon Comb is made of durable carbon material.
  • It is heat-resistant and easy-to-handle with hairdryers and irons for any hairstyle.
  • The high-quality chemical-resistant comb is very light to handle and extremely comfortable to use for a variety of hairstyling techniques.
  • The comb is also designed correctly for use during hair treatment processes. For example, its extensive use during the Keratin smoothening treatment for blending the hair when used with a straightening machine.
  • Its round teeth ensure a gentle touch on the hair and scalp, keeping it away from any damage.
  • Also, the static-free material of the hair comb helps prevent hair from flying away, leaving the strands frizz-free with lustre.
  • This comb is available online and is suitable for a variety of hair cutting techniques and styles.


  • Carbon static combs
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • High in durability
  • Durable, chemical-resistant and heat-resistant
  • Holds the hair securely
  • 100% brand new product
  • Eliminates snagging, pulling and frizzing of the hair
  • Reduces hair from flying away during the cut
  • Used for blending, tapering, and flat-top cutting techniques
  • Easy-to-handle being light-weight
  • Gentle on the scalp
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