IBD Pure White Builder Gel- 72147

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IBD builder gel clear is made from the best quality raw materials that do not damage the skin or the nails. Instead, the materials help build and strengthen the nails to the desired length and quality.

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You envision having long and beautifully designed nails that restore the entire look. Add to this super-gloss finish and dependable nails which do not chip that easily. Then IBD’s pure white builder gel nail paint is an ideal choice. This 56 gms gel paint gives your nails the strength of acrylic nails with a clear look of gel. It is widely used by professional nail salons for tip overlays and nail extension. The product is odor-free and gives you a long-lasting glossy finish. It is cured in just 3 minutes making it convenient to use regularly

Benefits of Using IBD Pure White Builder Gel

  • Odor-free cool formula
  • Cures in 3 minutes
  • Creates shape and adds strength
  • Perfect for sculpting
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Buff the nail bed to remove oil residue. Apply a thin layer of white builder gel. Cure for 3 minutes. Apply second and third coat as per the preference of sculpting requirement. Buff the excess to flatten.

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