IBD Flex Translucent Pink Powder- 71825

Product Code: 71825 Product Brand: ibd

IBD Flex Translucent Pink Powder is a lightweight flex powder that will help you get the desired shine effortlessly. Its translucency, the powder can add a touch of natural and intense look to your nails. Light pink colour adds a gloss to your nails.

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IBD Flex Translucent Pink Powder- 71825 comes with a lightweight texture that sits on your nails comfortably and stays for a relatively long period. The product is a blend of flex chemistry added with a slightly pink appearance to give natural radiance to your nails. With its super smooth and delicate texture, you can achieve a magnificent manicure finish without any effort. IBD Flex Translucent Pink Powder can be used effortlessly with or without a nail tip. Just one dip into the art of beautifying nails can give you stunning manicure results at home.

Benefits of using IBD Flex Translucent Pink Powder

  • This translucent powder is easy to use
  • Offers naturally beautiful nails with a pinkish appearance
  • Apt for a professional manicure
  • Perfect for a nude nail finish
  • Lightweight translucent powder so that your nails won’t feel heavy
  • Sufficient for multiple applications
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  • Clean your nails as usual
  • Use a nail file for a smooth surface
  • Dry your nails well
  • Dip the nail brush into the monomer
  • Pick a little amount of translucent pink powder and apply as desired

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