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IBD dehydrate is a nail dehydrator as well as a PH balancing agent. It helps to remove the excess oil from the nail base for better adhesion. It is used before the application of primer during nail art, nail extension process or sculpting.

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  • IBD dehydrate is a special formula made with a blend of ingredients to dehumidify the nails and remove the excess oil while maintaining the PH balance.
  • It is used before nail gels, acrylic nails, gel nail polish or tip application during nail art or nail extension process.
  • It is used before the application of primer in any kind of nail service to prevent lifting.
  • It has an easy drying formula which makes their application easy-doing and quick.
  • With the usage of IBD dehydrate, maximum adherence is achieved which helps in long-lasting smooth nails in no-time.


  • Dehydrates and removes the excess oil from the nail
  • Maintains the PH level of the nail
  • Fast-drying process
  • Gives strength to the nails with a smooth finish
  • Helps eliminate lifting of nails
  • Used in any type of nail service
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  • Clean the nail base with the nail wipe and push the cuticle to remove excess from the nail plate.
  • With the filer, remove the excess shine from the nail plate for easy application.
  • Apply IBD dehydrate to the nails evenly to remove moisture from them. Leave it to dry naturally.

Country of Origin: USA

Address of Mfg / Importer / Brand: 18/14 WEA, Karol Bagh, New Delhi - 110 005

Name of Mfg / Importer / Brand: Esskay Beauty Resources Pvt Ltd.

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