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When it comes to providing your customers with a trendy hairstyle, with unique haircuts and colors, you will find that you need the latest hair styling accessories from clips to various other hair styling products. And that’s is where Esskay Beauty Resources comes in for your rescue. Esskay Beauty Resources is your one-stop junction for the best quality hair styling accessories, clips, brushes, hair styling products and much more. If you are a small market salon, you would have to make sure that you are able to obtain the latest hair styling accessories, products, lotions, combs, brushes, for a good market reputation and customer base. And that’s where we come in – for when it comes to hairstyling accessories online in India, we happen to be the #1 resource, for most beauticians with good reason. We offer a readymade platform that makes it easy for you to buy the required hair accessories ,and in the process, ensure that you can cater to your customer’s needs. Read More


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  1. MB-CL03
    Mr.Barber Section Clips -MB-CL03
    -10 %
    Special Price ₹252 Regular Price ₹280
  2. MB-CL01
    Mr.Barber Carbon Clip-MB-CL01 (Pack of 6 clips)
    -30 %
    Special Price ₹210 Regular Price ₹300
  3. MB-CL02
    Mr.Barber Crocodile Clips (Pack of 6)
    -5 %
    Special Price ₹285 Regular Price ₹300
  4. BC-1
    Olivia Garden Brush Cleaner -BC-1
    -20 %
    Special Price ₹720 Regular Price ₹900
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Hair Styling Equipment And Accessories

The first thing that you need to realize is that the Indian hair salon crowd is as diverse as it can get – as a result, you would have to be ready to perm a customer’s hair in a moment’s notice, give it a new French braid look or opt to feature the latest hairstyle as popularized by some of the top Bollywood stars. You’ll find that you need to purchase various hairstyling accessories online in India. And we offer a viable alternative – we make it possible to purchase the products you need online, from a platform that’s reliable, which happens to be us. So whether you are looking for the latest hairstyling accessories or the best in class salon equipment, we happen to have it all.
Place your order with Esskay Beauty Resources

Place your order with us at Esskay Beauty Resources and stay assured of the best hair styling accessories delivered to your shop, right away. We go all the way out to make sure that you have what it takes, to care and cater to your customers. So give us a call today and let us know how we can help you help your customer look good?

What makes Esskay Beauty Resources different from others in the market?

Buy hair accessories online at Esskay Beauty resources and set up a good customer base in a short period of time. All our hair styling accessories are specially designed to provide the customers with the perfect hair care and styling options. So opt for our hair styling products online and give your customers exactly what they want – the best looking hair on the block.

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