Casmara Stabilizer Ampoules

Product Code: A04101 Product Brand: Casmara
Getting skin allergies, rashes or other problems from cosmetic products is too common for the people with sensitive skin. Cosmetic brands like Casmara provide a special collection of skin care products for sensitive skin types. Casmara Stablizer Ampoules is one of its best products for sensitive skin. The soothing and dereddening effect of the totally oil-free composition of Stablizer Ampoules makes it the favourite product of people having delicate and easily irritated skin.
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Benefits of Casmara Stablizer Ampoules Totally oil-free composition making it perfect for sensitive and red skins Gives soothing effect and controls skin reddening Licorice, Allantoin and Oat Milk help in reducing skin inflammation
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