Casmara Skin Sensation Treatment

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The Casmara Skin Sensation Treatment is one of the few holistic Indian skin care products, featuring as a complete package that includes a cleanser, ampoule, mask, after mask support, and a massaging serum.

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For someone looking for a face mask for dry skin, the holistic Casmara Skin Sensation Treatment is the perfect option in the market. While is package brings forth an extended collection of products that target the mature skin and readily boost the existing vitality. The best thing about this treatment complex is the remineralizing and multivitamin formula on offer that is perfectly paired with the essential active ingredients like the Oat protein complex, Oligoeline, vitamin complex, and more.

This product also brings forth the potent argan oil complex that helps improve the skin elasticity while rendering adequate levels of moisturization to the same.

Benefits of Using Casmara Skin Sensation Treatment

  • Helps combat the multiple signs of ageing
  • Renders a sheen to the dermal skin surface
  • Makes way for a more revitalized and luminous skin
  • Helps improve the skin vitality
  • Renders protection against polluting agents
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  1. Apply the cleanser  to exfoliate and the clean the polluted skin surface
  2. Squeeze out the entire ampoule and apply the same uniformly on the cleansed face
  3. Apply the massage serum onto the cleansed face and mix the contents of the sachet to form the mask
  4. Apply the mask and allow it to set in for almost 15 minutes before peeling the same off
  5. Clean the face and apply the after-mask cream for best results