Casmara Shinestop Dermopurifying Cleanser

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The Casmara Shinestop Dermo-purifying Cleanser comes across as a unisex skin care formula that eliminates excessive oil deposition and even prevents the continuous formation of blackheads and spots.

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Here is the best makeup remover in India, tagged as a potent dermo-purifying cleanser. Besides eliminating the deposition or occurrence of blackheads, spots, and excessive oil, the active ingredients present in this product, including the likes of AZELOGLICINA make way for better skin care. This component prevents the possible formation of plugs caused due to hair follicles. Moreover, sebum secretion is also controlled upon regular usage.

The Casmara Shinestop Dermo-purifying Cleanser makes way for a purified skin surface and ultra-clean exterior. Moreover, the skin ecosystem gets the proper care with the cleanser added into the skin care regime. Last but not least, this product is also capable of reducing the skin redness.

Benefits of Using Casmara Shinestop Dermopurifying Cleanser

  • Unisex skin care formula
  • Doesn’t remove essential skin oils while cleansing
  • Includes salicylic acid which minimizes keratin accumulation
  • Makes way for an even-toned skin surface
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  1. Apply a generous amount of this cleanser on the neck and facial surface
  2. Keep massaging in circular motions for proper absorption
  3. Clean the face and neck with water

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