Casmara Sensitive Mask 2040

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Here is a beauty face mask that comes forth with moisturizing properties, courtesy of the Marine Algae extracts. In addition to that, this product also brings Violet essence into the mix followed by the diverse benefits of oats.

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For someone looking for potent oily skin care products, the Casmara Sensitive Mask 2040 comes across as a decent choice. Firstly, this product renders additional levels of nourishment to the skin surface and even maintains skin vitality. Moreover, it is also capable of taking care of skin irritations.

When it comes to the inclusion of active ingredients, this product features violet essence which comes forth with soothing properties. The vitamin balance, on the other hand, is taken care of by the Oats content whereas the marine algae extracts make sure that proper moisturizing is taken care of.

Benefits of Using Casmara Sensitive Mask 2040

  • Adds nourishment to the facial skin surface
  • Makes way for improved skin vitality
  • Precisely crafted for sensitive skin surfaces
  • Capable of lowering the skin temperature to at least 6 degree centigrade
  • Also helps reduce skin puffiness
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  1. Start by applying the ampoule to the facial surface
  2. Mix the packet contents in required quantity to form a gel like pack
  3. Apply the same onto the face and let it set in for 15 minutes as a mask
  4. Peel off the same in a top-to-bottom movement