Casmara Rgnerin Treatment (6PH)

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While there are many oily skin care products in the market, the Casmara Rgnerin Treatment 6PH is probably the most effective one in regard to treating issues pertaining to acne, ageing, and lack of elasticity. Firstly, this kit comes across as a holistic treatment option and includes Glycolic acid that is capable of exfoliating the skin surface, naturally.

In addition to that, Lactic acid added into the mix renders nourishment and moisturizing effects to the skin surface. That said, this product also feature Salicylic acid that prevents keratin and black head formation.

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CASMARA Cosmetics is a family owned and operated Spanish company founded in 1974. Dedicated to the research, manufacture and distribution of premium quality cosmetic products. The company targets professional segment of the aesthetics market, but also taking care of the consumer. The effort focused in technological research has taken CASMARA Cosmetics to create a range of high quality, unique products that stand out in the professional cosmetics market with many outstanding innovations.

Benefits of Using Casmara Rgnerin Treatment (6PH)

    RGNERÍN MASK 2055. A high technology facial mask with aloe vera extract and linseed. Regenerating and soothing action.
  • Botox effect. without injections or side effects.
  • Wrinkle filler and treatment to erase imperfections
  • Unisex facial indicated for mature skin looking for a renovating effect. Also indicated to eliminate acne marks.
  • ARGIRELINE®: A harmless alternative to botulinum toxin. 
  • A powerful cell regenerator.
  • Intensive wrinkle-filling from within.
  • Improvement of the micro-contour of the skin.
  • After a 28-day treatment period with RGNERIN the wrinkles and expression lines are softened.
    A regenerated and younger-looking skin, smooth and without imperfections.
  • It Contains: GLYCOLIC ACID: Natural regenerating exfoliant extracted from sugar cane. It acts on the deeper layers of the skin promoting epidermal regeneration. LACTIC ACID: A natural exfoliant and moisturizer extracted from milk. SALICYLIC ACID: A natural exfoliant extracted from willows (Salix Alba). It prevents the accumulation of keratin avoiding the formation of black heads and imperfections. ARGIRELINE®: An anti-ageing peptide formulated with 6 natural amino acid. It prevents repetitive facial movements (Botox effect). It slows the onset of wrinkles and reduces existing ones. COHESINE®: A sesame extract which improves cell cohesion. Resulting in a uniform, smoother more elastic skin. RECOVERINE®: Chestnut extract (Castanea Sativa). It stimulates cell regeneration and improves the micro-contour of the skin. STRUCTURINE®: A vegetable protein that stimulates cell activity and strengthens the extracellular matrix. SOLUVIT®: It provides intense nourishment to the skin. Formulated with vitamin A (retinol), vitamin B, vitamin E, fatty acids and horse chestnut extract.
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  • Apply the provided ampoule on the clean face and allow it to get absorbed
  • Mix the contents within the sachet and create a mixture
  • Apply the same onto the face and let it sit for 15 minutes
  • Peel the mask off and wash the face for a more radiant look

Country of Origin: Spain

Address of Mfg / Importer / Brand: 18/14 WEA, Karol Bagh, New Delhi - 110 005

Name of Mfg / Importer / Brand: Esskay Beauty Resources Pvt Ltd.