Casmara Rgnerin Treatment (6PH)

Product Code: A80000 Product Brand: Casmara
Casmara Rgnerin Treatment is a professionally recommended luxuary facial kit from the Spanish cosmetic brand. This Casmara facial fit has additional benefits of algae peel-off rgnerin mask 2055, making it more useful and effective. You can notice the effects and reduced wrinkles on your skin within 28 days of Rgnerin Treatment.
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Benefits of Casmara Rgnerin Treatment It gives Botox effect without painful injections and any side effects This is a perfect treatment to erase imperfections and get wrinkle free skin Glycolic acid naturally exfoliates the skin and promotes epidermal regeneration Lactic acid works as a natural moisturizer Salicylic acid prevents formation of keratin and black heads on the skin Argireline, with 6 natural amino acids slows down the formation of wrinkles and reduces the existing lines on the skin Other natural ingredients including Cohesine Recoverine, Structurine and Soluvit help in skin elasticity, improving the micro-contour, stimulation of cell activity and nourishment of the skin
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