Casmara Rgnerin Treatment (6PH)

Product Code: A80000 Product Brand: Casmara

The Casmara Rgnerin Treatment 6PH is a professional beauty mask that renders a wrinkle-free look to the facial surface. Devoid of any side-effects, this facial kit is the perfect resort for someone looking to erase skin perfection.

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While there are many oily skin care products in the market, the Casmara Rgnerin Treatment 6PH is probably the most effective one in regard to treating issues pertaining to acne, ageing, and lack of elasticity. Firstly, this kit comes across as a holistic treatment option and includes Glycolic acid that is capable of exfoliating the skin surface, naturally.

In addition to that, Lactic acid added into the mix renders nourishment and moisturizing effects to the skin surface. That said, this product also feature Salicylic acid that prevents keratin and black head formation.

Benefits of Using Casmara Rgnerin Treatment (6PH)

  • Includes essential amino acids
  • Contains essential ingredients like Soluvit for improving skin elasticity levels
  • Reduces fine lines from the skin  surface
  • Stimulates cell regeneration activity
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  • Apply the provided ampoule on the clean face and allow it to get absorbed
  • Mix the contents within the sachet and create a mixture
  • Apply the same onto the face and let it sit for 15 minutes
  • Peel the mask off and wash the face for a more radiant look