Casmara Rgnerin Three Action Cleanser

Product Code: A90005 Product Brand: Casmara
Casmara Three Action Cleanser (Peel), as its name shows is a multipurpose formula that exfoliates, repairs and regenerates the skin. Made from two alpha hydroxyl acids including glycolic acid and lactic acid and one beta hydroxyl acid, salicylic acid, this three-in-one cleanser helps you get soft and hydrated skin just in a few days. Experts recommend this peeling solution for perfect skin hygiene.
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Features of Casmara Three Action Cleanser (Peel) Removes dirt, pollution and grime from the skin Improves the general appearance of the skin Works as an exfoliating gel cleanser Unisex formula Works well for all skin types and for all age groups Note: Do not use as an eye makeup remover.
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