Casmara Retense Mask 2060

Product Code: A06147 Product Brand: Casmara

This is one of the few beauty face masks capable of targeting skin surfaces that lack firmness. Moreover, even someone with flaccid skin can benefit from this unisex and potent formula.

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If you are interested in oily skin care products, the Casmara Retense Mask 2060 is the perfect option in the market. Firstly, this product starts rendering flawless effects to the skin right from the first application. Moreover, the active ingredients are capable of deeply penetrating the skin surface, thereby assisting further with the reaffirming effect.

The most pronounced active ingredients include the kiwi and seaweed extracts which aid in skin stimulating and firming effects with the latter helping the skin remain moisturized for longer periods. Moreover, the Casmara Retense Mask 2060 also brings poppy seeds into the scheme of things which render a calming effect.

Benefits of Using Casmara Retense Mask 2060

  • Comes across as a powerful antioxidant
  • Kiwi extracts help restore the skin vitamin and protein levels
  • This mask also helps improve the skin elasticity
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  • Apply the supplied ampoule as the first phase of the process
  • Mix the contents of the sachets together and apply onto the face in the form of a mask
  • Let the mask set in for a while before removing the same after 15 to 20 minutes