Casmara Repair Ampoules

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Casmara Repair Ampoules is a sensitive skin care product that is highly recommended for fibroblast proliferation and effective cell regeneration. Moreover, this product can be relied upon if the skin requires deep repair and proper restoration.

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The Casmara Repair Ampoules is one of the few skin care products, actually effective after your skin encounters abrasive peeling. While this product improves and aids in skin reconstruction, it also aims at regenerating the skin cells besides helping in fibroblast proliferation. Therefore, this product is perfectly suitable for you if the concerned skin surfaces require deep repairing.

The active ingredient in wheat extract perfectly stimulates the skin surface and amplifies the rebuilding process. Moreover, lupin peptides are also involved which assist in the repair of the extracellular matrix. Last but not least, the algae extract helps improve the existing protein network of the skin surface.

Benefits of Using Casmara Repair Ampoules

  • Delays skin ageing almost miraculously
  • Helps retain cellular energy
  • Great for skin vitality
  • Aids in intensive and effective skin repair
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  • Apply a small portion onto the palms and rub the same onto the face
  • Message gently till the cream gets absorbed uniformly

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