Casmara Pure Oxygen Cream 03

Product Code: A20003 Product Brand: Casmara

This sensitive skin care product works best when used in cohesion with the Pure Oxygen Cream 01 and 02. Besides stimulating cellular respiration, this serum also plays a pivotal role in cellular growth.

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For someone looking for a sensitive skin care product, the Casmara Pure Oxygen Cream 03 is the most potent option in the market. Moreover, this serum supports two modes of cellular respiration with the first supplying pure oxygen to the skin cells and the second stimulating the surface for better respiration.

The availability of BETAFIN BP-20 as the active ingredient also helps increase the skin hydration levels. While there are other products in the market, this serum makes way for balancing the skin moisture levels. Last but not least, this is strictly an oil-free face serum, perfectly suitable for the drier skin surfaces.

Benefits of Using Casmara Pure Oxygen Cream 03

  • Increases cellular respiration  and even improves skin hydration levels
  • Stimulates cellular respiration and helps restore the skin moisture levels
  • Oil free formula that renders radiance to the skin surface
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  • Apply a small amount of this serum onto the palm
  • Gently massage the pea-sized amount onto the facial surface and let is seep in perfectly