Casmara Pure Oxygen Cream 02

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The Casmara Pure Oxygen Cream 02 is an effective oil free serum that is capable of providing exceptional levels of cellular oxygenation besides rendering hydrating capabilities to the skin surface.

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This is one of the few skin care products, in sync with the diverse nutritional requirements of the surface. Besides oxygenating the skin surface, this sensitive skin care product is fortified with cerasome oxygen which stimulates increased cellular respiration. Moreover, Bashyal extracts included within works as potent wrinkle filler whereas the Macadamia and Jojoba extracts add to the nutritive profile of the facial surface.

The Casmara Pure Oxygen Cream 02 is more of a unisex formula that brings forth exceptional nourishing capabilities followed by the inclusion of Amiporinein which acts as a potent hydrating agent.

Benefits of Using Casmara Pure Oxygen Cream 02

  • Renders exceptional levels of cellular oxygenation
  • Assists in balancing skin moisture
  • Contains macadamia, jojoba, and Bashyal extracts
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  • Squeeze out pea-sized amount and apply the same evenly across the face
  • Massage the serum uniformly across the face until the same gets absorbed
  • Proper care should be taken while massaging the decollate and neck area as they require the most amount of moisturizing