Casmara Pure Oxygen Cream 01

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This face mask for dry skin is more of a unisex formula that is precisely fortified with corn sugar and hyaluronic acid. The Casmara Pure Oxygen 01 is known for the moisturizing and reinvigorating capabilities.

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The Casmara Pure Oxygen 01 is a powerful skin care solution that is perfectly dosed with Bashyal which is best known for the hydrating and turgescent capabilities. The adequate inclusion of Riboxyl makes room for direct cell respiration and stimulation. Most importantly, this product is also known for its moisturizing capabilities.

This product also renders extensive levels of elasticity to the skin besides filling up wrinkles in the best possible manner. Last but not least, this product provides ample levels of cellular oxygenation courtesy of BETAFIN BP-20 and a host of other potent ingredients.

Benefits of Using Casmara Pure Oxygen Cream

  • Moisturizes and reinvigorates the skin surface
  • Perfect for diverse skin types
  • Supplies adequate levels of oxygen to the skin cells
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  • Apply a small quantity of this face mask onto the palm and spread gently across the face
  • Remove the face mask and try applying the same at least two times a day

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