Casmara Novanew Mask 2045

Product Code: A06143 Product Brand: Casmara

The Casmara Nova New Mask 2045 is one oily skincare product that comes forth with unisex properties. When it comes to enlisting the active ingredients, this face mask for women and even men comprise of glucose for reinforcing the skin hydrating effect.

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The Casmara Nova New Mask 2045 is the perfect skincare product for someone looking to increase skin hydration and moisturizing levels. While the product formula plays a major role in restoring the skin hydration balance, the active ingredients render the required nourishing and moisturizing effect to the concerned surface.

Most importantly, this product penetrates the skin in the best possible manner which is then absorbed uniformly for a more rejuvenated and radiant glow. Last but not least, this product comes as a pack of 10 independent units which need to be mixed for a unique, peel-off effect.

Benefits of Using Casmara Novanew Mask 2045

  • Perfect fit for the dehydrated skin
  • Restores water balance and even nourishes the skin surface
  • Ample glucose content for better hydration and pH level restoration
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  • Squeeze out the gel from the featured pack and apply it uniformly across the facial surface
  • Let the mask set in for a while and then peel off the same for a more hydrated and radiant look