Casmara Luxury Algae peel Off Mask

Product Code: A70003E Product Brand: Casmara

The mask contains shine control moisturizing matt effect cream, made especially for oily skin types. Facilitates intelligent and selective production of oil in specific areas of the skin.

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Casmara, a Spanish based cosmetic company is dedicated to the research, manufacture, and distribution of premium quality skincare products. The exclusive luxury algae peel-off mask is a great skin cleansing product with a sebum-regulator and skin balancer. Reformulated and optimized for your skin treatment at home to maintain and enhance your skin. This product achieves the peeling recommended for perfect skin hygiene. It exfoliates the skin at the deepest level. A high-technology facial mask with an injection of vitamins and minerals revitalizes and nourishes the skin bringing back its youthful vitality.  

Benefits of Using Casmara Luxury Algae peel Off Mask

  • Cleanser, sebum-regulator and skin balancer
  • Safe to apply over eyes and lips
  • Provides oily skin treatment at home, best for dull and aging skin
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Pour gel pouch in a bowl. Empty the active ingredients powder sachets in it. Mix briskly with a spatula for 30 seconds. Apply the mask to the face using gentle sliding movements. Leave it for 20 minutes. Gently remove in one piece.

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