Casmara Hydra Original Algae peel Off Mask

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The Casmara Hydra Original Algae Peel-off Mask is precisely formulated as an oily skin product that makes way for a nourished and hydrated skin surface. Moreover, this comes across as a unisex formula that is capable of rendering a firming effect to the skin.

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If you are looking for a powerful face mask for women, the Casmara Hydra Original Algae Peel-Off Mask is the product to invest in. Firstly, the firming and hydrating effect offered by this product is extremely powerful and even the firming ampoule associated with the same is capable of renewing the skin cells, to a considerable extent.

This is a highly intuitive skincare product that comprises of naturally occurring active ingredients and even the seaweed extract that is best known for its hydrating properties. Last but not least, the hydra mask is capable of perfectly moisturizing the skin surface besides helping the skin remain youthful for a longer period of time.

Benefits of Using Casmara Hydra Original Algae peel Off Mask

  • Offers amplified levels of moisturizing
  • Maintains skin hydration levels
  • Minimizes the multiple signs of ageing
  • Includes marine rejuvenating effects followed by WAKAME and SEAWEED extracts
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  • Apply a small amount of this ampoule on a clean face
  • Mix contents of sachet 1 and sachet 2 together and apply the mixture by massaging it gently onto the facial surface
  • Once the mask is uniformly applied, let it rest for almost 15 minutes and then peel the same off from the topmost part of the face to the bottom