Casmara Hyal Complex Ampoules

Product Code: A04106 Pack Size: 4 ML x 5 PCS Product Brand: Casmara

The Casmara Hyal Complex Ampoules is one of the best skincare products, capable of improving the skin texture besides rendering additional elasticity of the surface. The main highlight of this skincare product is Hyaluronic Acid.

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CASMARA Cosmetics is a family owned and operated Spanish company founded in 1974. Dedicated to the research, manufacture and distribution of premium quality cosmetic products. The company targets professional segment of the aesthetics market, but also taking care of the consumer. The effort focused in technological research has taken CASMARA Cosmetics to create a range of high quality, unique products that stand out in the professional cosmetics market with many outstanding innovations

Benefits of Using Casmara Hyal Complex Ampoules

  • Ampoule designed basically to obtain a long-lasting moisturizing effect. Contains minerals and amino acids present in the natural moisturizing factor that protect the epidermis, hydrating it and balancing its metabolism.
  • Unisex formula. Recommended for men as aftershave.
  • Highly recommended for dry or dehydrated skins, whenever deep moisturizing is required, revitalizing the hydrolipidic layer of the skin.
  • The inorganic salts and amino acids, as components of the acquous part of the hydrolipidic layer, benefit the superficial layers of the epidermis like a sponge, maintaining moisturized the horny layer and spreading a smooth and comforting sensation over the treated area.
  • Improvement in the general appearance of the skin. An increase in the turgescence and flexibility of the skin and the smoothing of small wrinkles.
  • It Contains: EPIDERMOSIL®: is a low molecular weight (250-600 kDa) hyaluronic acid associated with silicon which provides deep moisturising and stimulates the renewal of skin cells, HYALURONIC ACID: consists of an even lower molecular weight hyaluronic acid, no greater than 200 kDa. The use of this hyaluronic acid molecule size is very beneficial in skin affected by the normal aging process or by environmental factors since it restores the skin’s turgescence and fills wrinkles, so giving skin greater flexibility and of course improving internal moisturising, BETAGEL®: is a multifunctional active hydrogel which forms a three-dimensional structure to create a prolonged release system for betaine. In contact with the skin the hydrogel starts to release this betaine and the two types of hyaluronic acid - low and very low molecular weight
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Apply with penetration massage, these ampoules can also be applied mechanically: ionization, high frequency, ultrasounds, etc.

Country of Origin: Spain

Address of Mfg / Importer / Brand: 18/14 WEA, Karol Bagh, New Delhi - 110 005

Name of Mfg / Importer / Brand: Esskay Beauty Resources Pvt Ltd.

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