Casmara Hyal Complex Ampoules

Product Code: A04106 Product Brand: Casmara
Want to get a wrinkle-free and glowing skin? Casmara Hyal Ampoules is the right solution to improve the general skin conditions, fill small wrinkles and improve the elasticity in the tissues. This delicate hydrogel with skin moisturizer detoxifies, purifies and hydrates the skin.
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Benefits of Casmara Hyal Ampoules It deep moisturizes the skin This Casmara facial kit can also be used as a makeup base It ensures migration, proliferation and differentiation cell processes Epidermosil, Bashyal and Betagel make it a perfect after peeling face mask Men can also use this as an after-shave treatment This is a unisex formula suitable for all skin types and age groups
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