Casmara Green Mask 2025

Product Code: A06140 Product Brand: Casmara
Buy this Casmara Green Mask 2025 for glowing and revitalizing skin. This unisex Casmara mask is really useful after stimulating treatments or after use of cosmetic equipment on face. Casmara green mask is a peel-off facial mask known for its oxygenating and firming effects. The best part about Casmara Green Mask 2025 is that it can also be applied on eyes and lips, which is usually not possible with other face masks.
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Benefits of Casmara Green Mask 2025 Marine algae extracts provide the facial mask moisturizing properties Mineral susbtances and skin humectants in the mask help you get healthy and soft skin Mint essence makes you feel fresh after peeling-off the mask
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