Casmara Equilibrium Ampoules

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Casmara Equilibrium Ampoules is an excellent oily skincare product that offers a complete face care solution for concerned individuals. The extensive range of active ingredients includes moisturizing and emollient mallow.

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The Casmara Equilibrium Ampoules is probably the best face serum in India that is capable of restoring the skin to its youthful self. Precisely created for the oily skin surface, this product is the right choice when it comes to maintaining skin softness and elasticity. Moreover, this is one oil-free solution that is further strengthened by ingredients like mallow, hydrolyzed collagen, and even essential amino acids for amplifying the existing hydration levels.

If and when applied, the Casmara Equilibrium Ampoules can deeply moisturize the skin surface besides rendering a toning effect as well.

Benefits of Using Casmara Equilibrium Ampoules

  • Perfect skincare product for deep and active moisturization
  • Precisely designed for chapped, acne-prone, and oily skin surface
  • Targets the skin epidermis
  • Combination of vitamins and mucilage which acts as the skin lubricant
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  • Squeeze out a pea-sized amount onto the palm
  • Apply the same to the face and massage gently
  • Wait for the serum to get absorbed before using any other skin product