Casmara Elastin Ampoules

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The Casmara Elastic Ampoules is a potent anti-ageing solution for your skin that comes with the necessary amalgamation of amino acids, Vitamin E, A, and C. This product prevents premature ageing.

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The Casmara Elastic Ampoules is probably the best face serum in India that is capable of taking care of the soft and aged skin by preventing wrinkles and other effects of ageing. Firstly, this skincare item contains Vitamin A that regulates and maintains healthy skin functions. Secondly, Vitamin C added to the mix helps improve tissue elasticity. Last but not least, Vitamin E helps improve the connective nature of the skin tissues.

The Casmara Elastic Ampoules also bring elastin-powered amino acids into the mix that are responsible for maintaining skin elasticity while rendering healing, firming, and antioxidant effects.

Benefits Casmara Elastin Ampoules

  • One of the most effective anti-wrinkle solution in the country
  • Perfect for diverse skin types
  • Helps maintain skin elasticity and consistency
  • Comes with a host of antioxidant effects
  • The perfect amalgamation of essential skin care vitamins
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  • Squeeze out a small amount of this face care cream onto the palm
  • Apply the same gently and keep rubbing till the same is absorbed