Casmara Balance Cleanser

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The Casmara Balance Cleanser is a multi-purpose skin cleanser that is capable of removing different types of makeups and skin impurities, besides working as a toner.

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If you are looking for a makeup remover that also comes equipped with skin purifying capabilities, then Casmara Balance Cleanser is the perfect product to consider. This product can and should be included as a staple in a person’s beauty regime, courtesy of excellent absorbing capabilities. In simpler terms, any cosmetic application after the cleanser is administered into the skin surface almost entirely.

Most importantly, the Casmara Balance Cleanser also boasts of multi-functional skin effects and combines the likes of remover, toner, and cleanser— all at once. That said, this cleanser combines the best results of goji berries and also improves skin longevity if administered daily.

Benefits of Using Casmara Balance Cleanser

  • Multi-purpose cream with excellent makeup removing capabilities
  • Balancing cleanser that comes equipped with emollient features
  • Perfect for removing excess oil and residue that gets accumulated throughout the day
  • Ideal for diverse skin types
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  • Squeeze a small portion on your wet palm and start creating lather
  • Apply the same on the facial surface and start massaging gently
  • Wash off the residual cleanser with cold water
  • Dry the face with a clean cloth without forcing the process.