Casmara Antioxidant Original Algae peel Off Mask

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The all-natural antioxidant peel-off mask contains active ingredients like seaweed and Wakame Kelp extracts that give unique revitalizing benefits for your skin. Intensely moisturizes and firms the skin.

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Give your skincare regime a boost with Casmara antioxidant original algae peel-off mask. Casmara, a Spanish company having more than 35 years of experience offers innovative and dermatology tested skincare products that make you look beautiful from within. The best peel-off mask for oily skin, this unique and exclusive facial mask adds firmness and deeply moisturizes your skin. Infused with seaweed extracts, it intensely moisturizes the skin maintaining its youthful cellular activity. It contains Wakame Kelp extract which is mineral and antioxidant-rich, that helps to soften and hydrate the skin keeping it moisturized for a longer time. Incorporate these natural active ingredients infused peel-off mask into your daily skincare routine and say hello to supple, rejuvenated skin. 

Benefits of Using Casmara Antioxidant Original Algae peel Off Mask

  • Intensely moisturizes and firms the skin, prevents skin aging
  • Balances and protects your skin from dirt and bacteria
  • Peel-off mask pulls the dirt and dead cells away giving you a softer, brighter skin instantly
  • Natural ingredients suitable for all skin types
  • Can be safely applied over the eyes and lips
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Apply the cream from the ampoule on the cleansed face. Mix the contents of the sachet 1 powder and the contents of sachet 2 gel into the lid of the packaging which serves as a bowl. Apply the product to the face using the spatula, starting from the forehead and moving downward. Gently close one eye and cover with soft movement of the spatula from the center of the face outwards. Repeat the same with the other eye. Relax, then after 15 minutes peel off the mask in one piece from top to bottom.

* Apply the mask within 5 minutes as the mask will become solid after 5 minutes.