A nourishing shampoo like Macadamia Oil Shampoo can transform your dry hair into silky, soft, and feathery detangled hair. This type of quality shampoo cleanses not only dull and damaged hair but chemically treated hair as well. It replenishes moisture and safeguards your hair from the current harsh environmental changes.

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  1. 100202
    Mac Pro Nourishing Moisture Shampoo - 100202
  2. 400100
    Mac Pro Nourishing Moisture Oil Treatment - 400100
    -10 %
    Special Price ₹2,691 Regular Price ₹2,990
  3. 400200
    Mac Pro Nourishing Moisture Oil Spray - 400200
    -10 %
    Special Price ₹2,160 Regular Price ₹2,400
  4. 300201
    Mac Pro Nourishing Moisture Masque - 300201
  5. 200202
    Mac Pro Nourishing Moisture Conditioner - 200202
  6. M3029
    Macadamia Moisturizing Rinse - M3029
    -10 %
    Special Price ₹3,510 Regular Price ₹3,900
  7. M3028
    Macadamia Moisturizing Rinse - M3028
    -15 %
    Special Price ₹1,530 Regular Price ₹1,800
  8. M3023
    Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo - M3023
    -10 %
    Special Price ₹3,150 Regular Price ₹3,500
  9. M3020
    Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo - M3020
    -15 %
    Special Price ₹1,445 Regular Price ₹1,700
  10. M3001
    Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment - M3001
    -15 %
    Special Price ₹2,423 Regular Price ₹2,850
  11. M3006
    Macadamia Healing Oil Spray - M3006
    -15 %
    Special Price ₹1,870 Regular Price ₹2,200
  12. M3012
    Macadamia Deep Repair Masque - M3012
    -15 %
    Special Price ₹1,063 Regular Price ₹1,250
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Our USPs

  • Investing in your hair is not a waste of money as it is a crown you never take off. Tackle your hair concern with the best Macadamia Shampoo range. Explore our site that has featured a plethora of healing, organic and natural hair care products.
  • Surely, you wouldn’t want someone to bury their nose in your hair and regret it the next second. Take control of your locks, rejuvenate and rehydrate them with a well-scented and 100% sulfate-free shampoo.

Extend The Life Of Chemically Treated Hair

Life is all about experimenting, and you often experiment with your hair. However, maintaining the good health of your hair is as essential as trying new hairstyles. With a top-rated Shampoo, give your hair the much-needed nourishment, smoothing, and a durable finish to withstand the strong chemicals applied to your hair.

Why Choose Our Shampoo?


Our products bestow excellent benefits to all our customers. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Instantly refreshes and revitalizes your hair.
  • Quick absorption and light-weight, feels non-greasy.
  • It offers natural UV protection.
  • Reduces the fading of colour-treated hair
  • Makes your hair ultra-smooth, manageable, and healthy.

Ensure to compare the rates, ranges, types before you buy a suitable and sufficient macadamia oil shampoo for nourishing your hair.